In recent events, 2PM came to Los Angeles to attend the KMF 2010 @ the Hollywood Bowl. The guys stayed at the sponsoring hotel – Sheraton – where flocks of fangirls were waiting, capturing, screaming their every move. Trust me, it was damn chaotic.

Anyways, just a video that someone uploaded when they were leaving LA to go back to Korea. In this video, everyone wanted Khun to wink @ least once, but everytime, he had his sunglasses on. So check this out….~!!!

c:: Cynthiocho

Hahaha…good one Khun!! ^^


I’m tired from work, but not so tired to post these pictures. One thing I have to say is that Khun’s body is so toned and lean and… lol @ Taec’s solo pic. I swear he does the most random stuff.

More pictures …..

2PM poses for AUGUST issue of Ceci Magazine

I don’t know about you guys, but summer for me has been sizzlin’! All thanks to the ever-gorgeous 2PM. As if it was not enough grazing themselves in High Cut Magazine, they again show their playful selves, and of course, nowadays, it’s wrong not to include a picture of these guys showing their skin.

oh my lordy…. sweet dreams tonight!

c:: ceci magazine


2PM Taecyeon and Wooyoung to be next SBS Inkigayo MCs

It is reported that 2PM’s Taecyeon and Wooyoung, alongside new actress, Han Yeonjoo, will be the new MCs for Inkigayo starting on July 26. The three will be replacing the current MCs: Eun Jiwon, Lee Hongki, and Yoo Seolah, who will be leaving their positions on July 19.

c:: allkpop


2PM’s Taecyeon to feature in Bada’s upcoming album

There have been pictures circulating around the net of Bada and 2PM’s Taecyeon in what seems a recording studio. It has been confirmed that Taec will be rapping in the song Yes, I Am in Love. It has been two years since Bada’s last album, and for this album, Bada and her management thought that by adding Taec’s rapping skills will surely enhance the effect of the album. It was also reported that it was Bada, herself, that asked Taec to collaborate with her.

Hehe… I can’t wait for the song!

Anyways, here are some of the photos taken at the recording studio.

c::,, Bada’s Cyworld



What way to end something than by, of course, gaining something! EH? The boys has snagged their 2nd Triple Crown on Mnet M Countdown. Since this will be their last performance on Mnet, HOTTEST fans tried and worked hard to give their beloved 2PM a going away present. What sweet fans! The guys performed 3 songs, where they sang Hate You, then they sang You Might Come Back mixing into Again and Again. I loved the transition from You Might Come Back to Again and Again, it was just awesome! Anyways, at the end when they got their award, the guys said their thank you’s to everyone, including HOTTEST, and did an encore performance. Also not to forget, Jay rapped in K.Will’s song One Droplet in One Second.


090617 MCD – 2PM – I Hate You
090716 MCD – 2PM Triple Crown
090716 MCD – Kwill feat 2PM Jay – One Droplet In One Second
c: yanaftwtwo


Jay singing Musiq Soulchild’s “LOVE”

Jaebum was a guest on Maybee’s radio show when he sang this song, hence, the little song dedication. Man, I’m loving his taste in music so far and his voice is smooth like dove chocolate. HOLLA!

c: yanaftwtwo



Now you can follow your favorite JYP artist on Twitter! A JYP rep has confirmed that all accounts are real and just a way for int’l fans to get a little bit closer to their idols. I, personally, don’t have twitter and thought twitter was dumb, but I somehow came to like it bc of JYP. Just loved getting updates from him about the Wonder Girls and Oneday that I came to check his twitter once in a while. Now that Oneday has twitter, I might just need to sign up and get me one.

Here are the links to JYP’s FAMBAM’s twitters:


Jokwon: 2AMkwon
Seulong: 2AMONG
Jinwoon: 2AMjinwoon


Junsu: 2PMjunsu
Taec: 2PMtaecyeon
Khun: 2PMkhun
Wooyoung: 2PMwooyoung
Junho: 2PMjunho
Chansung: 2PMchanseong


Also, not to forget about the Wonder Girls and JYP’s twitters:


Sunye: WGsun
Yeeun: WGyenny
Yoobin: WGyubin
Sunmi: WGmimi
Sohee: WGsohee

JYP: followjyp

Although I’m thrilled to hear that I get a chance to talk to Taec in real life, I’m not sure how often they’ll be using their twitters. They seem all too busy, and some of them don’t really know the english language that much. Hmm…..