Just one more week of waiting until 2PM returns onstage for their comeback performance on November 15 at SBS Inkigayo. There is no word on which song they will perform, but according to the teaser, it might be Tired of Waiting. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

…but don’t get too tired. =)

In the meantime, their main title track will be released on November 10.

I’m so über excited now! ^^;

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Revealing one by one, video teasers for 2PM’s upcoming album has been released elevating the excitement brewed by previously released photos and songs.

I will be updating this post until all members are complete. Ha.



Fans make my heart beat. All of the fans that love me, even though I don’t have much to give. Being able to make someone happy with my music feels like a dream. As long as there is a fan left for me, I want to sing for that fan. It’s time to stand on stage now. My heart feels like exploding.

Watch the rest under the cut.


Doesn’t it seem like a new KARA? Yep, the girls have  transformed their usual cute and lively image for a mature and lady-like ( or LADY GAGA-esque) image. In the midst of these photos being released, their title song is in the final stages of editing and their music video has already been filmed. Their album will be dropping by on July 30th and their comeback performance will be on July 31st on KBS Music Bank.  Not really into Kara, but I got to admit, with these pictures, they got my attention.

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It’s almost here! Tomorrow, the English version of Nobody will be released on iTunes and I hope that anyone who’s a fan of the girls, will help support by purchasing the single. The girls will also be having their first performance in front of the American crowd, June 27, 2009, opening for the Jonas Brothers in Portland, OR.

Gosh, I seriously can’t wait for the whole song. =)

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On the 13th and 14th (i could’ve just said yesterday and today), 2PM revealed 2 teasers. After all the promotions and publicity JYP was paying, fans didn’t seem to be disappointed, but only grew hungrier for more!

The first teaser features profiles of the guys faces and then a little dance, showing the fans a newly-improved 2PM. It seems like all those long hours at dance practice really showed in their new power moves.

The 2nd teaser shows each individual with their own moves with some special effects. The beat is sick and might possibly be the beat for their new song.

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Today, JYPE released some teaser photos for 2PM’s upcoming album dropping by on April 16 (get it ppl!). For this comeback, the guys have taken on a manlier appearance where some of the guys sported some henna tattoos to show a little “bad boy” in them and also sported new hairdos ( yay for Chansung!).

The photo shows a very rugged, yet sexy style where bold and strong colors, such as red and black, enhance the feeling of intensity and … excitement for 2PM’s new look.

Here are some dates looking forward to:

April 13 – MV teaser comes out

April 16 – Album and MV releases


” Dude. JAY is HOT! >.< “

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Somehow some leaked photos of the Wonder Girls donned in black stockings and leather looking really sexy spreaded throughout the internet. Some debated if it was a CF they were filming or a possible MV for maybe their American debut, but recent news have confirmed that it’s actually both. They’re filming for a cellphone.

If you look closely to the set of the filming, it’ll remind you of FINKL’s “NOW” MV. Wonder Girls have added their own little touches, including Yoobin’s rap, to a more tweaked “NOW”.

LOOK @ the maknaes! They’re growing up!

Ms. 4D ANGEL is looking FINE!

I guess the girls are growing up to a more matured-sexy image from their cutesy image, and following FINKL’s transition from fairies to sexy women is a very smart, yet cautious move. I personally think that this will help transcend Wonder Girls to a matured look. I still have my little doubts, but I know they will become even more popular.

Here’s the CF and MV teaser to the girls’ mature image. Yoobin’s rap is awesome!

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