….LIFEGUARDS can save your life -or – kill ya.

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Geez..I’m already planning on how I’m going to drown. LOL.


In every boy/girl group, there’s always that one person who gets constantly overshadowed by the other members whether because they don’t project as much as the other members, or simply because lack of public attention. Mostly it’s them not projecting THEN it leads to the lack of public attention on the member. Either way, people find it surprising to know and learn new things about the “overshadowed” member (aka the “O-SHA-MEM”). So that’s where this article is leading to — introducing 2PM’s “OSHAMEM” Lee Junho.

Mostly known to be the “Smiling Eyes” of the group, the guy just doesn’t get as much attention as the other members. In my honest opinion, I think Junho is hella talented! At first glance, yea, he doesn’t catch your eye right off the bat, but as time progresses and you just follow the group’s activities (like I do), of course you’ll get the chance to see him in a different light, but that’s what happens to every fan, right?

Well…what about those who don’t follow the group aka the public spectator?

I’ve tried numerous times finding an answer to these types of questions. Sometimes I ask myself, ” What makes Junho stand out from the rest of the members?”, and usually, I’d revert back to being a fan so my answers don’t turn out as neutral as it should. Everyone who has a good grasp on 2PM knows that Junho is the most consistent member in the group. One may ponder if that consistency is the main reason why he’s not as popular as the other guys. He’s good in acrobatics, dancing, and singing, yet, why aren’t there any articles about him? Being in a group with 6 guys could be burdensome because not everyone will share the same spotlight. Yes, they’re performing under the same general spotlight, but each has their own light shining upon them. This time, I’m glad to finally say that maybe this is the spotlight Junho has been waiting for to say, “HEY LOOK AT ME!”

Recently, 2PM members Lee Junho and Ok Taecyeon were invited to share their stories and showcase some hidden talents on SBS Strong Heart. On this particular episode, many people were left feeling very surprised to say the least.


Just alone, this gif says a thousand words and naughty thoughts…

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Nosebleed? Ok, ok, wipe yourselves clean and plug that nose up because not only did 2PM deliver an awesome performance, they won #1 on SBS Inkigayo’s mobile ranking and won the mutizen award!

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Revealing one by one, video teasers for 2PM’s upcoming album has been released elevating the excitement brewed by previously released photos and songs.

I will be updating this post until all members are complete. Ha.



Fans make my heart beat. All of the fans that love me, even though I don’t have much to give. Being able to make someone happy with my music feels like a dream. As long as there is a fan left for me, I want to sing for that fan. It’s time to stand on stage now. My heart feels like exploding.

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… my favorite 2PM member gives me naughty sweet dreams.

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