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You know how much this hurts my heart?

I literally had my hands over my eyes peaking through, that’s how bad it was. I even wanted to stop at the middle of the video before all the flirting happened, but I saw it through. What a big mistake. So if you guessed, Taec is my #1, but seeing this, omg…makes me angry. XD

It’s okay, as of right now, I’m drowning my miseries in my Ben&Jerry’s ice cream, so no worries for now. I’ll just be thinking about Chansung && Junsu from now until the concert. At least they didn’t do anything. Well maknae tried, but that was nothing.

Why do you have to be such a man-whore Taec, why?!

Dang, I hate Caribbean Bay. *grrrr

Haha..over-exaggeration much? *sigh*

Man, I can’t stand to look at my banner&avatar…so, I’ll just change it to ease my pain. LOL.

But in fairness, the song is awesome, mv was hot, everyone was gorgeous, and Chansung was a cute/funny/gorgeous mutherf*cker! They don’t call you ChansUNF for nothing! ^^


I know I’m late in posting, but man, who’s ready for a 2PM comeback?


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…I can’t stop watching Rain’s body rolls.

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After being successful with his last hit, Rainism, and his recent movie, Ninja Assassin, it seems like Rain won’t be stopping anytime soon. With the release of his new special album, Back to the Basic, Rain has composed/produced┬á the title ballad, Love Song, for his fans. He has gone to say that the reason why he didn’t come out with a dance song was because this album was dedicated to all his fans for supporting him through everything, hence, a ballad song. The special album has already been released on April 7, so help and support Rain by purchasing his cd.

Is it me or whenever that part of him putting his shirt over his head just make you cringe and laugh @ the same time? LOL! Those 10 secs in the mv would just make every girl and homo scream out in SEX-TACY!

It’s hard to sway away from the media when your attention becomes aroused whenever 2PM is mentioned anywhere, and it’s no excuse when they become spokesmodels for one of the world’s major globalized companies, Coca-Cola.

Just like any reason for drinking a bottle of Coke, 2PM was chosen by the company for their fresh, natural, and energetic charms for they symbolize the lively feeling of drinking coke. Revitalizing energy into the system, I believe Coca-Cola made the right choice in selecting the very lively and energetic 2PM. =)

Not only did they film CFs for the company, but also a music video singing to the Korean version of Coca-Cola’s song, Open Happiness, which btw, has been released today via internet. In the mv, moments were captured including backstage footages of the CF filming and just random behind-the-scenes of the guys portraying exactly what they were chosen to do. Nothing can go wrong when 2PM becomes part of your company.

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LOVE the song! First listen, I REALLY felt some happiness as corny as that sounds. LOL! Maknae is so adorable and Khun is just cool like that.


Following the success of his first digital single, Where U At, Taeyang releases his second digital single, Wedding Dress.

Watch Taeyang at this week’s SBS Inkigayo performing Wedding Dress.

Have a listen, why don’t you…

…I love the beat and GD’s hair in this.

A Boy MV.

“Remember back in the day…”

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The mv is here in all its glory.

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Can’t wait for 2PM to perform? Watch out for their first comeback stage on M.NET’s Oh~Good Concert on Thursday, November 12.

Speechless. Love it. 6-members. Weird.