Geez, it’s been a long time since I posted something. Well, what’s better than blogging about Kim Taewoo!




It’s official, he’s back! Well, yea I could’ve wrote about him when he attended Hb’09, but I’ll write my own account sometime soon, but right now, let’s celebrate cuz he’s back from the army!!!

Being a huge god fan, I was thrilled that he was released from his army duties last March and was even more thrilled that he was going to perform at this past HB’09.

So now that he’s back, his voice is amazing as it was when he left for the army and even better now ( if that’s possible!).

[DIGITAL SINGLE] Kim Taewoo – Memory and Remembrance


Like every entertainer, whether actor or artist, when they are finally released from their army duties, they are eager to do something that they haven’t done in 2 years being held back bc of the army. So of course, Kim Taewoo comes out with a digital single called Memory and Remembrance. Not only did he come back with this single, but he also has his god brothers come feature in his song. YES. You get Taewoo, Son Hoyoung, Ahn Danny, and Park Joonhyung all in one song. Amazing, right? The song is light and smooth partly due to Taewoo’s and Hoyoung’s voices with a fast beat that makes you move. Sorry, I don’t know how to describe songs so excuse me for that’s all I can do to describe the song in a ” wannabe-music-critic-way”. It’s amazing, is all I can say! It’s not a typical god song, that’s for sure, but it’s awesome! Ahhh man, now I can’t wait for god’s next album!!!!

Here’s a video of Taewoo, Hoyoung and Danny in the studio recording the song. They bring along some friends ( Suho and some other guy) and then, although JoonHyung is in LA, he’s there recording his rap for the song with Hoyoung in th background. Danggit, come back already!!!

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