….LIFEGUARDS can save your life -or – kill ya.

c: 2PMalways

Geez..I’m already planning on how I’m going to drown. LOL.


….the maknae is just too irresistible this Christmas season.

c: hwangchansung.net

Now, who wouldn’t want Chansung under their Christmas tree?

Right now he’s stealing my heart from Taec, so he’s sure high on my Christmas list this year! ^^

IF only I could get both…hmmmm

Revealing one by one, video teasers for 2PM’s upcoming album has been released elevating the excitement brewed by previously released photos and songs.

I will be updating this post until all members are complete. Ha.



Fans make my heart beat. All of the fans that love me, even though I don’t have much to give. Being able to make someone happy with my music feels like a dream. As long as there is a fan left for me, I want to sing for that fan. It’s time to stand on stage now. My heart feels like exploding.

Watch the rest under the cut.