If I could list all the regrets I made in my life, passing up the chance to see the Backstreet Boys live in concert would certainly be in the top 20.

Recently, I found out that the guys will be on tour this summer and will be hitting up LA! Now who wouldn’t be gosh-darn excited hearing news like that?!

Going down memory lane, during the painful stages of adolescence, Backstreet Boys and all those boy bands back in the day, were the only highlights of those years ♥ . I still remember in elementary school I used to buy all these teeny-bopper magazines and trade pictures with my friends. LOL.

Since the guys will be coming to LA, this could be redemption for not going to their Millenium concert way back. Gosh, how I regretted saying no to my friend. *shakes off memory* Anyways, the guys will be gracing their presence on June 26, 2010 at the Universal Amphitheater. Tickets don’t seem to be priced too high, so maybe if I have enough money left over, I could see them live! Ahhh…here’s hoping and wishing!

Damn…I’m such a fangirl. =)


Usually this blog is solely dedicated to anything entertainment-related, but this one won’t be..kinda. LOL

Ummm, so does everyone know that the Wonder Girls will be on tour this summer? And that the first half of the tour, 2PM will be the special guest & 2AM the last half of the tour? Well…apparently, I’m fortunate enough to have a job that pays me (HA!) and get to watch 2 concerts. Sadly, I won’t get to see 2AM perform since I used up most of my money on the LA & OC concerts w/ 2PM. But you all know I’m such a big 2PM fan, so forgiven, right? =)

Anyways, I get to go VIP @ the OC show and meet both groups(WG&2PM) backstage! How crazy is that?! So amidst midterms, papers, finals, and GRADUATION (YIKES!) ….not far from my mind is the constant worry of what I’ll be giving the guys as a gift/souvenir/remembrance from me. Pathetic? Yea, but you know what? I don’t care! It’s not like I’ll ever get that close to them on a personal level..so why not make the best of it? So instead of buying them something so lavish like they always get from rich K-FANS, I’m going to be different and do a mission. What kind of mission? Hmm…can’t say, hopefully you guys will get to see if all goes well. =)

Oh yea, I was just kidding about not buying them something. I just have to think of something I can give to everyone w/o being too overly expensive. It’s not like I’m Oprah or anything and give every audience member a car (though I wish…– No. I don’t wish to give everyone a car).

Yep, I’ll be seeing my boys 2x in a row! Excited…and then the next morning @ 8am, graduation time! LOL. Was that the right thing to do??? Hmm… I’ll just see it as a redemption gift to myself for all those sleepless nights of endless studying and those bad grades I received in those 5 years. HA.

So until then, stay tuned for an updated post about my mission. *praying: plz work!*

So today I was driving in a 92°F heat and I thought to myself that I needed something to cool me off. Somehow all the fast food places I was driving by didn’t really suit my fancy until I saw that “McCafe” picture on McDonald’s window. I never tried it, so why not I thought to myself and maneuvered my car towards the fast food joint. I hardly ever go to McDonald’s – only when it calls for desperate measures like late-night cravings for something cheap and fattening. So going to Mcdonald’s I felt weird. IT’S SO BAD FOR YOU!

Anyways, the drive-thru looked hella long and I wasn’t thrilled waiting  in the 92°F heat and wasting my gas on a/c, so I stepped down and ordered myself a large iced hazelnut coffee. I thought the price was pretty good for it’s size and the ice coffee tasted all right.

I was gulping down the ice coffee that I was too overwhelmed by the ice cold liquid running down my throat that I almost forgot I was at McDonald’s, but on a very hot day like today, I think I can surpass my little aversion for the fast food joint just for one day. =)

Can someone you hardly knew, but still respected affect you?

This morning, the sky looked dark with clouds so gray and high it seemed like it was going to rain. The drive to work seemed to bear the sound of nothing – like there was a stillness in the air that I couldn’t explain. I hoped for a good day and prayed for the sun to come out since cloudy days always makes me lethargic.
Yet, going into work, there was nothing to be expected, but a long tiring day at work. I was expecting the same old routine, but it was different today.
The moment I saw my manager’s eyes turn red, I was skeptical. I jokingly said that he must have been painting in the office just right now (bc he’s painting his house), but I didn’t get the mood or response I wanted to get. Instead I received such news that I couldn’t comprehend. It seemed unbelievable. How could someone I know go away like that? I always pictured everything in my life to go smoothly with a happy ending.

It can’t happen I said to myself.

It took me 10 minutes to process everything and then flashbacks of those little precious moments when I would go and see her, even for a brief minute – all those moments came rushing back until I remembered the first day I saw her.

What about her baby? Who’s going to take care of her? Couldn’t the doctors do something? Was it that serious? She’s strong, isn’t she?

All these questions bombarded my mind until I questioned if this was all real.
It sucks to think that reality is this cruel. So cruel to end such a life that was respected in her field and loved by those around her. I’ll never get to see her again. It’s going to be weird not calling for a bag check and saying “drive safely” when she leaves.

Drive safely… everyone should.

Rest in Peace Ms. Duong.
We will miss you dearly.

Wishing my Mommy a happy birthday!

Birthday Graphics

Love you Mommy!

This week I start a whole new working schedule. I don’t work on Mondays anymore because if I continued on, I’d be missing so many discussion classes. So now I’m working Fridays and saving gas at the same time, so that’s good. It still felt weird today staying.

Anyways, just got my Limnology midterm today and I’m really happy with the results. At first, I was shocked and I’m still in disbelief because this midterm would be one of my most high scoring tests in my college career! Haha. I really thought I was going to do okay because I felt I missed some easy points. Hehe, my first A midterm. Amazing, ne? Even I did well than my friend, but just a 1 point differential and she’s smarter than me. I feel I should eat out somewhere because of this – it’s RARE that I get an A on a midterm in college. Now I need to start on my homework for ensc 144. Ugh. I guess I just wanted to blog about that.

OooH! I also found a recipe on how to make a godzilla roll. I found the recipe while searching on google. Well, it was the first one, so I just clicked it. Look how to make godzilla rolls and many other rolls: Sushiday

Me want to make one and now I’m starting to crave sushi and Korean side dishes.

Somehow… I still can’t get my mind off of shopping these days. Recently, I think i bought up to $200 worth of clothes last week and I’m still hungry for more. UGH! I think it’s that womanly instinct kicking in. I SWEAR that I never used to be like this. It only started last year. Before, my parents wouldn’t mind me buying something because it’s rarely that they do SEE me buy something, but now, they’re all asking me how much I spend. Plus, they’re already used to me getting packages in the mail because I mostly shop online. I can’t help it when all these “free shipping”, “25% coupons”, etc. keep coming to me.

I’m trying to cut down though. I only go to the sale or clearance section, so that way, I don’t feel guilty and bad after I hit the checkout button. Hmm.. right now, I’m planning to buy some a&f clearance stuff for the summer because it’s getting too hot @ Riverside and back home.

I think i see early signs of a “shopping addict”. *sigh*

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