Geez, it’s been a long time since I posted something. Well, what’s better than blogging about Kim Taewoo!

Yes, so this was just a like a last-minute thing. Originally, my friends and I were just going to go idol-hunt Kim Taewoo, but I decided to buy tickets because I seriously didn’t want to do guessing games and waste gas. I bought the tickets 2 days before the concert, and luckily, there were still tickets available. Later, I found out that the whole concert was sold out. Anyways, my friends picked me up and we were on our way to LA, but first pick up our friend from UCLA. Once we picked up our friend, there was probably 2-3 hours to spare, so we went to Kyochon chicken to eat. So ate at Ktown and then headed off to the Walt Disney Concert Hall. SOCIAL! Huh?! LOL. It was a formal event, so luckily, we dressed up.

So once we were inside the venue, I was just amazed. It’s really pretty inside. And plus, I bought this dress from Forever21 at the last minute, and it was just perfect. Kinda felt awesome inside going to these kind of events.

We got our tickets and we headed to the balcony bc those were the ones I could afford. Here’s a picture of the balcony for those who haven’t seen the inside of WDCH:

Pretty majestic, eh? We were really high up, but it was okay bc we could see everything from up there.

Although we got balcony seats, our friend Linda told us that her sister, Mary, (BTW thank you! MARY!) worked at WDCH and said that we could get closer seats. So minutes before the first performance was starting, Mary came up to get us and she made us sit in the orchestra seats. Those seats were so close…they’re prolly the $150 seats. Yet, there was a slight problem in the beginning bc once we sat, we were sitting in someone else’s seats. I guess Mary thought the seats were empty, but it was the seats in front that were empty, so we sat there. EVEN BETTER!

See the difference from the balcony to the orchestra box:

Yea if you didn’t know this is the zoom factor, so if you unzoomed it, we were still unbelievably close.

So excited and thankful, the concert started with the orchestra and some classical artists, then the time came, and KIM TAEWOO entered the stage. I was spazzing like crazzzzyyyy!!! You wouldn’t even know! There was never one second where my heart was palpitating like a mad maniac.

There was one thing that was kind of a bummer, and that was we couldn’t take photos or record anything. WCDH is pretty pretty strict on that part. So we just had to go ninja and capture footage and pictures.

KIM TAEWOO LIVE IS JUST SOOO FUCKING AMAZING! My friend happened to capture him singing one of the 6 songs he sang that night. Here he is singing “I Believe I Can Fly”:

That’s just 30 seconds man, imagine the whole 10-20 minutes of him singing. I was on CLOUD 9! Taewoo really has that charismatic power onstage and even in-between songs. He’s so good in talking and very interactive with the audience. His english is awesome! I just love this man!

Right after he finished performing, we sneaked out the concert hall and waited for him at the artists exit. We waited for maybe an hour, but he never came out. We saw one of his dancer/friend come out to smoke, but no Kim Taewoo. =( It was really cold and we decided to leave since we were the only ones there on the premise. The night ended us talking in Diana’s car waiting for Dee’s sister to pick her up. It was fun, just talking and talking and getting to know each other.

In the end, my night was great. I hope that people get to witness the power that is KIM TAEWOO. He’s amazing live, guys, i swear. =)