c:: HamfeiBerpy

You know how much this hurts my heart?

I literally had my hands over my eyes peaking through, that’s how bad it was. I even wanted to stop at the middle of the video before all the flirting happened, but I saw it through. What a big mistake. So if you guessed, Taec is my #1, but seeing this, omg…makes me angry. XD

It’s okay, as of right now, I’m drowning my miseries in my Ben&Jerry’s ice cream, so no worries for now. I’ll just be thinking about Chansung && Junsu from now until the concert. At least they didn’t do anything. Well maknae tried, but that was nothing.

Why do you have to be such a man-whore Taec, why?!

Dang, I hate Caribbean Bay. *grrrr

Haha..over-exaggeration much? *sigh*

Man, I can’t stand to look at my banner&avatar…so, I’ll just change it to ease my pain. LOL.

But in fairness, the song is awesome, mv was hot, everyone was gorgeous, and Chansung was a cute/funny/gorgeous mutherf*cker! They don’t call you ChansUNF for nothing! ^^