….a confirmed revelation has occurred.

I am slowly turning into a Taeyeon fangirl.

(*dun dun dun dun dun*..LOL)

Recently, SNSD released a new concept, song, dance, and mv. “Black Soshi”, anyone? Yes, the girls has transformed (not really) into a dark, more mature, sexy concept after having a run on the cute, safe, lolita concept from their previous works. Their new song, Run Devil Run, has introduced what-may-become a dance craze with (what’s new) the “Run” dance, or some call it the “Catch Me If You Can” dance, once they hit the stage.

Okay….to tell the truth, I’m so far from being a fan of SNSD since I’m a WG fan, but I will just say that I’m slowly becoming a fan of one of the girls. It’s true that probably 60% of the group is full of long legs, sexy curves, then there’s the 30% full of shy cuteness, and then the remaining 10% is just plain dorky.

I think I would classify SNSD’s Kid Leader, Taeyeon, as that remaining 10%. Taeyeon is just as pretty, just as cute, not as much sexy or tall, but she’s got a dorky side which can relate to people. Even from the beginning, when SNSD debuted, I had a certain fondness over Taeyeon even though I was a heavy WG fan. So you can say, I had a little bias towards Taeyeon, but after recent events, I realized I was slowly turning into a Taeyeon fan. I think their Run Devil Run mv had something to do with it because Taeyeon was WORKIN’ IT, y’all!!!

c:: sment

Some professional –errr–caps I tried to capture of Taeyeon from the mv.

Yes….. since my fave WG member has left the group (SUNMI-yah!!T^T), I think I might check up on Taeyeon once in a while.^^