Something crazzzyyy just happened right now. I was on tumblr and I found my edit of Khun from the L’uoumo post. How crazzyy is that?! I instantly recognized it, and no doubts clouded my head. It’s amazing how you find one of your works somewhere else, mind-boggling, really. The person who uploaded it said she found it on dc gall, which I believe, is a chinese site? The only problem is (if I let it) is that people won’t believe it was me who created that edit. =( Bummer…if I knew how to watermark my edits, but oh well. I’m 100% confident it’s mine. Cross my heart and hope to die. =)


Geez, it’s been a long time since I posted something. Well, what’s better than blogging about Kim Taewoo!


If I could list all the regrets I made in my life, passing up the chance to see the Backstreet Boys live in concert would certainly be in the top 20.

Recently, I found out that the guys will be on tour this summer and will be hitting up LA! Now who wouldn’t be gosh-darn excited hearing news like that?!

Going down memory lane, during the painful stages of adolescence, Backstreet Boys and all those boy bands back in the day, were the only highlights of those years ♥ . I still remember in elementary school I used to buy all these teeny-bopper magazines and trade pictures with my friends. LOL.

Since the guys will be coming to LA, this could be redemption for not going to their Millenium concert way back. Gosh, how I regretted saying no to my friend. *shakes off memory* Anyways, the guys will be gracing their presence on June 26, 2010 at the Universal Amphitheater. Tickets don’t seem to be priced too high, so maybe if I have enough money left over, I could see them live! Ahhh…here’s hoping and wishing!

Damn…I’m such a fangirl. =)

c:: HamfeiBerpy

You know how much this hurts my heart?

I literally had my hands over my eyes peaking through, that’s how bad it was. I even wanted to stop at the middle of the video before all the flirting happened, but I saw it through. What a big mistake. So if you guessed, Taec is my #1, but seeing this, omg…makes me angry. XD

It’s okay, as of right now, I’m drowning my miseries in my Ben&Jerry’s ice cream, so no worries for now. I’ll just be thinking about Chansung && Junsu from now until the concert. At least they didn’t do anything. Well maknae tried, but that was nothing.

Why do you have to be such a man-whore Taec, why?!

Dang, I hate Caribbean Bay. *grrrr

Haha..over-exaggeration much? *sigh*

Man, I can’t stand to look at my banner&avatar…so, I’ll just change it to ease my pain. LOL.

But in fairness, the song is awesome, mv was hot, everyone was gorgeous, and Chansung was a cute/funny/gorgeous mutherf*cker! They don’t call you ChansUNF for nothing! ^^

Usually this blog is solely dedicated to anything entertainment-related, but this one won’t be..kinda. LOL

Ummm, so does everyone know that the Wonder Girls will be on tour this summer? And that the first half of the tour, 2PM will be the special guest & 2AM the last half of the tour? Well…apparently, I’m fortunate enough to have a job that pays me (HA!) and get to watch 2 concerts. Sadly, I won’t get to see 2AM perform since I used up most of my money on the LA & OC concerts w/ 2PM. But you all know I’m such a big 2PM fan, so forgiven, right? =)

Anyways, I get to go VIP @ the OC show and meet both groups(WG&2PM) backstage! How crazy is that?! So amidst midterms, papers, finals, and GRADUATION (YIKES!) ….not far from my mind is the constant worry of what I’ll be giving the guys as a gift/souvenir/remembrance from me. Pathetic? Yea, but you know what? I don’t care! It’s not like I’ll ever get that close to them on a personal why not make the best of it? So instead of buying them something so lavish like they always get from rich K-FANS, I’m going to be different and do a mission. What kind of mission? Hmm…can’t say, hopefully you guys will get to see if all goes well. =)

Oh yea, I was just kidding about not buying them something. I just have to think of something I can give to everyone w/o being too overly expensive. It’s not like I’m Oprah or anything and give every audience member a car (though I wish…– No. I don’t wish to give everyone a car).

Yep, I’ll be seeing my boys 2x in a row! Excited…and then the next morning @ 8am, graduation time! LOL. Was that the right thing to do??? Hmm… I’ll just see it as a redemption gift to myself for all those sleepless nights of endless studying and those bad grades I received in those 5 years. HA.

So until then, stay tuned for an updated post about my mission. *praying: plz work!*

In recent events, 2PM came to Los Angeles to attend the KMF 2010 @ the Hollywood Bowl. The guys stayed at the sponsoring hotel – Sheraton – where flocks of fangirls were waiting, capturing, screaming their every move. Trust me, it was damn chaotic.

Anyways, just a video that someone uploaded when they were leaving LA to go back to Korea. In this video, everyone wanted Khun to wink @ least once, but everytime, he had his sunglasses on. So check this out….~!!!

c:: Cynthiocho

Hahaha…good one Khun!! ^^

….LIFEGUARDS can save your life -or – kill ya.

c: 2PMalways

Geez..I’m already planning on how I’m going to drown. LOL.